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There is the seventh episode of the fifth season and the 79th overall episode of This Is Us.

Short Summary

Kevin embarks on a stressful road trip. In the past, Jack and young Kevin go to a football training camp.

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Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Peter Onorati as Stanley Pearson
  • Joshua Malina as Car Crash Victim
  • George Eads as Coach
  • Stephen Friedrich as Jordan Martin Foster
  • Joaquin Obradors as Young Jack
  • Alex J. Joseph as PA
  • Diana Tanaka as Midwife
  • Jerimiyah Dunbar as Penn State Player
  • John J. Deignan as Bartender
  • Natalie D. Woodard as TSA Agent


Song Performer Scene

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode scored 5.12 million viewers.[1]
  • This episode is Kevin-centric.


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Behind the Scenes


"My dad was the most "there" person that ever lived. Everything that I do, I do with his voice in my head." ― Kevin

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