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Tess Pearson is the daughter of Randall and Beth Pearson and the sister of Deja and Annie Pearson.

She is portrayed by Eris Baker as a teenager and Iantha Richardson as an adult.


Tess is seen playing a soccer match. She is very into the sport, unlike her younger sister. She enters a chess tournament and is taught to play by her grandfather William. She ends up winning the tournament with a checkmate.



Randall Pearson

Randall is her father. The two have a very close relationship.

Beth Pearson

Beth is shown to struggle with Tess coming out about her sexuality, but they remain close in their mother-daughter relationship. Beth shows her support by trying to remember the pronouns of Tess's partner Alex.

Deja Pearson

Tess is very close to her adoptive sister Deja.

Annie Pearson

Rebecca Pearson

Tess is shown to be close to her grandmother Rebecca.

Kevin Pearson

Tess is very close to her Uncle Kevin and he gives her life advice.

Kate Pearson

Tess and her sisters are not shown to have very much interaction with their Aunt Kate.



She started dating Alex, who is gender non-binary and goes by “they/them” pronouns. Randall and Beth are supportive of her relationship and sexuality. However, Beth has a hard time accepting her daughter dating. This causes tension between Beth and Tess, as Tess notices that Beth doesn’t have to try to accept dating with Déjà and Annie, but has to with Tess.




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