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Sloane Sandburg is the playwright of the play which Kevin auditioned for, was cast in, and eventually self-produced.


We first meet Sloane in the episode The Pool, as she watches Kevin and Olivia while they read through her play.


Sloane is quiet, and reserved. She appears to have been cast as a sort of foil character to Olivia.



Kevin Pearson

Sloane met Kevin when he auditioned for her play. Later, she brought Olivia's ex as a date to Kevin's family cabin, which was meant to be a trip for Kevin and his siblings only. Chaos ensued when Asher and Olivia cruelly made fun of Kate's weight, and Kevin kicked them out of the cabin. However, they left in Sloane's car before she could join them. Kevin offered to allow Sloane to stay, and the next morning, Kate found them together in bed.

Sloane's relationship with Kevin changed her. She became much more confident, so much so that when Olivia disappeared, Sloane took on the lead female role in her own play.




Olivia Maine

Olivia and Sloane are co-workers, since Olivia is the female lead in Sloane's play. The two are not close, and there seems to be a brief animosity between them over Sloane's somewhat repressed feelings for Kevin. In the season 1 episode, The Trip, Olivia brings Sloane, along with Olivia's ex, Asher, to the Pearson family cabin without Kevin's permission. Later, Sloane's relationship with Olivia is further strained when Olivia witnesses her sharing a moment with Kevin and decides to quit the play and leave on a journey to find herself.


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