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"My dad put on a tie every day because he had to. I put one on every day because I want to. It's important you know that. Maybe I don't run into burning buildings for a living, but to me, my work is challenging and exciting. I will not apologize for the fact that it's hard to explain to people." ― Randall Pearson

Randall Kenneth Pearson (born: Randall Hill) is the son of Rebecca and Jack Pearson, who adopted him shortly after his birth. He is also the brother of Kevin, Kate, and Kyle Pearson (who's stillborn).


Baby/ Toddler Randall

August 30, 1980: Randall is born the day before his biological mother almost dies and is taken off to a fire station. (S5E01). He has always assumed he was born on August 31st like his siblings, but in fact he was born the day before.

August 31, 1980: Jack Pearson’s 36th birthday and Rebecca goes into labor. While celebrating her husband's birthday, Rebecca's wate breaks, and the couple immediately proceeded to the hospital. Rebecca births the first triplet, Kevin. Immediately, she enters a distressed state and the OB-GYN immediately takes her into surgery. Her daughter Kate was born and Rebecca entered recovery; however, the third triplet, Kyle, was stillborn as a result of the umbilical cord wrapping around his neck.

Randall's biological parents William Hill and Laurel met on a bus route in the 1970s. While initially a poet, his father's writing declined as the couple became entangled in drugs. Randall was anonymously left on Fire Station. Jack finds baby Randall in need of a family. He was brought to a hospital nursery by a fireman, who met Jack Pearson at the viewing window, his own babies in the bassinets right next to Randall.

Rebecca meets Randall. Jack was all in the moment he laid eyes on baby Randall, but Rebecca needed convincing. Eventually, she has a chat with that little man and she is all in.

Rebecca meets William. Unable to connect with her adopted newborn, Rebecca seeks out the man she believes to be his biological father. He’s in a very bad way, but still offers some helpful advice: Rebecca should give the baby his own name, not the name meant for the baby she lost. He also hands her a book of poetry by his favorite poet, Dudley Randall.

It's the Big Three’s first birthday. Jack and Rebecca are having trouble dealing with their grief over losing Kyle a year ago, so they pay Dr. K a visit and beg him for advice. He gives a speech about wrapping tragedy and joy together.

The Pearsons officially adopt Randall.

The Big Three get their big-kid beds.

Child Randall

The Pearsons buy a shiny new Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

July 1988: There’s a heat wave in Pittsburgh, and the Pearsons meet Yvette.  The gang heads to the local pool. The kids there make fun of Kate, Jack cheers up by giving her his T-shirt. Randall makes friends with some of the other black kids at the pool.  Kevin is ignored by Jack and Rebecca, and almost drowns. He yells at Jack, who apologizes to Kevin.

Jack’s dad dies. It happens while Jack is off on a camping trip with the boys, tries to get the boys get along. Randall tries to make Kevin like him, but is awful to him. Jack goes to take Rebecca’s call. Kevin lays in the tent, he finds Randall’s notebook . In the book Randall wrote things to talk about with Kevin. When Jack comes back , the boys make up.

Jack gives up dreams of his own company so Randall can go to private school.

Jack teaches Randall how to tie a tie.

The Pearson Thanksgiving traditions begin.

Randall joins a dojo.

December 24, 1989: Kate needs an appendectomy.

August 31, 1990: The Big Three celebrate the big 1-0. Rebecca and Jack throw a big party for Big Three .

October 31, 1990: Rebecca tells Randall about Kyle.

Winter 1990-91: The Big Three get the chicken pox and Rebecca outs her mother as a racist.

February 1992 Pearson Pizza is invented! Jack feels off after meeting with Nicky. He gets angry with Kate and Randall, but after Jack and the kids do a sequin fight.

May 16, 1992: The kids beat Jack at his own gift-giving game.  The Big Three throw their parents an anniversary party complete with a meteor shower.

The Big Three go to their first school dance.

Jack teaches Randall how to box.

The Pearsons go to the cabin for the first time. Randall gets his glasses and reads with Rebecca. Jack tries Kate lose weight by excercise, after they eat ice cream. Kevin feels like the fifth wheel of the family whole day. At night he goes to his parents room, and finds his siblings there and there is no room left. So Kevin sleeps at the floor, when Rebecca wakes up, she sleep next to Kevin.

The Pool sequel.  Pearsons go to the pool ahead of seventh grade. Kevin makes fun of Ranndall in front of his frineds.  Kevin wonders if he’s a good person and Jack teaches Kevin about the Pearson men being “complicated”. Rebecca faces the fact that her kids are growing up and want nothing to do with her. Kate gets her first kiss when popular girls try to prank her.

Randall starts seventh grade and meets Mr. Lawrence.Cory Lawrence is the only black teacher Randall’s ever had, and he wants to impress him. He becomes a mentor.

Jack teaches Randall to golf. After seeing Randall take an interest in Tiger Woods, thanks to Mr. Lawrence, Jack wants to relate more to his son. He wants Randall to be prepared for a life that will surely involve wheelin’ and dealin’ on the golf course.

Jack invites Mr. Lawrence and his wife over for dinner.

Fall 1993: The Pearsons bury a time capsule at the cabin. Kate buries a game of MASH, Kevin buries a picture of him and Sophie, Randall picks a puzzle piece, Jack makes a recording about how much he loves Rebecca, and Rebecca secretly buries a sketch Jack drew of his dream house to build near the cabin.

Jack also teaches Randall to run to get through his anxiety.

The Pearsons spend the day in NYC.

Teen Randall

Kevin and Randall’s sibling rivalry boils over during a high-school football game.

All Randall wants is the love and respect of his brother. All Kevin wants is to be left alone in his new basement bachelor pad.

Rebecca and Jack decide to separate. The couple has a discussion with their children, in a diner, about them needing time apart. Kate doesn't react to this news well, and Kevin tries to comfort her. Jack asks Randall to give him and Rebecca time alone. After Rebecca and the kids go to a movie.

Rebecca and Jack decide not to separate. Jack admits that he’s an alcoholic to his kids.

Randall visits Howard University with Jack.

Kevin shatters his knee and his dream.

Jack’s last Thanksgiving. Randall writes his collage admition essay.

January 25, 1998: Super Bowl XXXII Jack and Rebecca spend the day getting shamed by a surly Kevin, ignored by Randall who skips the game to take Allison to see Titanic (and get his first kiss!), and Jack reminds his daughter that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Kevin goes with Sophie, and Kate to her friends. Rebecca and Jack spend time alone. Then Jack places a red dish towel next to a faulty slow cooker and the Pearson house goes up in flames while the family is sleeping.

January 26, 1998: The Pearson house burns down … and Jack dies. Jack runs through fire to get Rebecca, Randall, and Kate safely out of the house and then goes back in to save Louie the Dog and some family mementos. It looks like he’s fine, but he goes to the hospital to get his burns checked out, and never leaves. While Rebecca is on the phone in the waiting room, Jack Pearson has a heart attack due to smoke inhalation complications and dies.

January 31, 1998: The Pearsons honor Jack exactly how he would’ve wanted. The funeral starts out very tense—especially between Randall and Kevin. Rebecca gets  a visit from Dr. K. Rebecca takes the kids to The Tree to scatter Jack’s ashes, and then she tells them that Jack had bought them all tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert for that night.

Everyone is so sad. Rebecca can barely function, Kate is eating her feelings, Kevin is drinking his, and Randall has to hold the family together. Miguel makes good on his promise to look after Jack’s family, but not even he can fix Randall having to deal with his girlfriend’s racist father. Randall decides to defer going to Howard even though it is his greatest dream.

May 1998: The Big Three graduate! Kate has no college plans, she’s mad at Kevin for going to NYC to be an actor, Rebecca’s crying outside of school gymnasiums, and Randall is a valedictorian. Rebecca — at Miguel’s insistence — starts grief counseling.

Randall and Beth bump into each other at the Carnegie Mellon new-student mixer.

Kevin helps Randall score a date with Beth.

Randall and Beth go on a disastrous first date.

Parents Weekend at CMU: Rebecca forces Randall to have lunch with Beth and Carol, which in turn helps Beth realize that Randall truly sees her, and they start dating.

Rebecca and Kate move out into a new home.The first dinner party, celebrating Kevin and Sophie, the newlyweds, is sort of a disaster .Rebecca mess up the dinner . Marc shows up unannounced. The evening is saved when Miguel gives Rebecca a nice speech about being patient with her grief and Rebecca turns the evening around.

Rebecca start to work again with a help from Randall.

Randall almost goes to a grief group with Beth.

Marc turns out to be emotionally abusive and toxic. Rebecca feels something’s wrong with Kate.  She and the Pearson boys go after Kate to the Cabin. Rebecca kicks Marc out.

Rebecca, Randall, and Beth head to New York for Kevin’s acting showcase. Kevin tries to set Rebecca up with his acting teacher, Kirby. Randall and Kevin fight because of it.


Randall and Beth get engaged! It takes several attempts, and but Randall wins Beth over when Rebecca gives assurance that Randall would never let Beth lose herself in their relationship. Beth is scared that Randall has the power to charm her into giving up what she wants.

Randall and Beth have a backyard wedding.

Randall has his first nervous break down when Beth is pregnant with Tess.

October 31, 2008: Tess Pearson is born,named after a ceiling fan.

When Tess is just 3 months old, Randall and Beth invent their “worst-case-scenario game.”

30s before 36th birthday

Big Three 36th birthday/ Present

August 31, 2016: Big Three 36th birthday Randall knocks on William’s door. After a lifetime of searching, Randall finally tracks down his birth father and bangs on his door, looking to confront the man who gave him up. Randall wants to heal his own wounds, but little does he know, he’s saving William from giving in to his drug addiction one last time. He brings William back with him to his Northern New Jersey home, introducing him initially to his children as a work friend.

Later, he reveals him as their biological grandfather. William moves into one of the daughter's rooms, much to Randall's wife Beth's dismay; however, she relents when William states he has stage IV cancer and has little time left to live.

Rebecca meets William.

Kevin moves to New York City. Kevin stays in the basement at Randall’s house indefinitely so that he can try out the New York theater scene and become more than just the Man-ny.

Kevin finally calls Randall his brother. It happens during a physical fight in the middle of New York City, but still, it is all Randall has ever wanted from Kevin.

Randall and William catch Beth in a big lie. Beth just wants one night away from the “estran

November 24, 2016 Randall discovers that Rebecca and William knew each other. When Randall goes to William’s apartment to grab some music recordings that are part of his birth father’s Thanksgiving traditions, he happens upon Rebecca’s letter, which reveals her decision to never tell Randall about William. Randall confronts Rebecca at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The big three goes to the family’s cabin.

December 24, 2016: Randall talks a co-worker off the ledge.

William tells Randall he wants to stop his chemo treatments.

Randall teaches William how to drive.

Randall has an anxiety-induced breakdown on Kevin’s opening night. The mounting pressure at work, the pile of responsibilities at home, not to mention the emotional stress of watching his birth father slowly die after just meeting him all becomes too much for Randall. He becomes paralyzed with stress in his own office. Thankfully, Kevin realizes what’s happening and rushes to his brother’s rescue — even though it means ditching opening night of his play.

Once he has recovered, Randall and William decide to take a road trip to Memphis, William's hometown, before he no longer has the chance. Randall is excited to see where his father came from and possibly meet some extended family. Despite Beth's uncertainty following Randall's breakdown, they go on the trip with her blessing. On a pit stop, Randall takes William to Jack's tree where they spread some of his ashes during a memorial service. William pays his respects to Jack there before they continue on to Memphis.

Once there, William shows Randall around the city, including the house where he once lived with his widowed mother. Then, they stop at a local club, and Randall meets William's estranged cousin. His cousin is initially angry at William for abandoning them and theoretically ruining their band's musical career, but he quickly forgives him and they have a grand evening playing together. The next morning, Randall finds William struggling to breathe and takes him to the hospital. Randall calls him "Dad" for the first and last time and helps William pass peacefully while using Jack's "breathe" technique.

Randall forgives Rebecca. The Pearsons honor William’s memory with breakfast foods, balloons, and confetti, and a nice stroll through the neighborhood while wearing fedoras. During this walk, Rebecca stops her son to once again say how sorry she is that she kept William from him, denying Randall more time with his birth father. She did it because she was scared, but she knows how selfish that was.

Randall quits his job as a Weather Trader after receiving a sympathy basket of pears, even though they know he is allergic from a past experience and a generic, unfeeling sympathy card from "The Team.". William’s greatest gift to his son was showing him that life is short and we should enjoy every moment we have. Randall’s going to live his life more like his father.

Randall decides to adopt. Randall wants to adopt a baby to honor both his fathers, but Beth has a different idea: If they’re going to adopt, she wants to take in an older child who has been rejected by the world. A child who really needs them. It honestly is the better way to honor Jack and (especially) William.

Pearson clan attends a very special taping of The Man-ny in Los Angeles. Beth has had enough of her husband Randall-ing out over caring for a child who has possibly been emotionally or physically abused, but then is reminded by Kevin that the only situation in which Randall has taken a risk is his relationship with Beth. Beth reminds Randall that together, they can do anything.

Deja arrives.  Beth and Randall’s first foster child arrives with a lot of emotional baggage. Even Mr. Type A, always-follow-the-plan Randall Pearson finds the transition difficult. There’s hair and hygiene issues, and a general unwillingness to connect on Deja’s part. She’s only 12, but the girl has been through a lot.

The Pearson Brothers attend a charity gala. Kevin embarrasses himself and Sophie as he spirals further down with his addiction, while Randall reaches a turning point with Deja. She has a very sweet crush on Kevin, so Randall agrees to take her to the event, where he learns about her rough time in other foster homes and why she flinches around Randall.

The Pearsons say good-bye to Deja. She isn’t with Randall and Beth long before the charges against her mother are dropped and Deja returns home.

Kevin gets arrested for a DUI. Post-breakdown, Kevin heads to Randall’s house to finally ask for help, but news of Kate’s miscarriage steals his thunder. He chugs some vodka and goes for a ride instead. Tess is hiding the backseat of Kevin’s car, has to watch her uncle hit rock bottom.

The Pearsons have an intense family therapy session. Kevin wants Rebecca to admit that Randall is her favorite and he goads her until she breaks down and tells him that it was easier to love Randall. The revelation brings the Big Three closer, and helps to heal Kevin and Rebecca’s relationship.

Randall decides he wants to buy William’s old building and turn it into a business venture with Beth.

February 4, 2018: Super Bowl LII Mr. McGiggles dies. Randall has a very sweet conversation with about always being her No. 1.

Deja arrives at the Pearson house. She needs money to get the heat turned back on and didn’t know where else to go. Randall and Beth continue to worry.

Vegas, baby. The Big Three and their people head to Vegas for Kate and Toby’s bachelorette and bachelor parties. Kate and Beth bond. Kevin finds out that his movie may change his life. Randall can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Deja.

Beth and Randall find Deja and Shauna asleep in their car. They’ve been evicted, so Beth and Randall invite them to stay at their house for a while. After Shauna sees how happy Deja is, she decides to leave … and give up all parental rights. Deja does not take it well.

Kate’s wedding. The wedding is coordinated by Kevin and Randall. Before Kate can walk down the aisle at the family cabin in her gorgeous dress, she has something to do: She needs to let go of Jack, at least a little bit. She goes out into the woods and sits on the tree stump she used to share with her dad, and tells him she needs to make room for Toby. She finally spreads Jack’s remaining ashes, and then Kevin and Randall walk her down the aisle.  Rebecca and Kate discuss their issues head-on. Kevin uses his toast time to get himself, Kate, Randall, and Rebecca to finally release that deep breath is feels like they’ve been holding in since Jack died.

Deja gets upset at the wedding.Even a conversation with Beth’s very nice cousin Zoe about not hating the people who love you can’t stop Deja from taking out her anger on Randall’s car windshield.

August 31, 2018 Deja Randall and Beth that they can formally adopt her.

Randall decides to run for Philadelphia City Council. After visiting the rec center near William’s building and learning some hard truths about the neighborhood from William’s friend Chichi, Randall is compelled to do something about it: He’s going to run for city council.

Beth gets fired.

Randall hires a campaign manager and a field director. The campaign manager is a nice, politically active Korean-American from the neighborhood named Jae-won and the field director is Beth.

After a talk with Rebecca Tess comes out to Randall and Beth.

Randall wins his debate against Councilman Brown, but campaign manager Jae-won informs him that based on polling, there’s just no way he can win this thing. Beth sees it as a blessing, Randall sees it as a challenge. Beth asks him to give up the politics and focus on family, but Randall refuses.

Randall wins the election.

The Pearsons go on a road trip to find their long-lost uncle. Although not a complete disaster, it doesn’t go well. Nicky is finally able to tell them the story of what really happened in Vietnam, although, he discovers, he’ll never be able to tell his brother. Rebecca gets to meet Jack’s brother. But Nicky is an alcoholic and very depressed and doesn’t want any help from Jack’s kids. Kevin tries to persuade him otherwise, but he cant.

Beth realizes that she only felt truly alive when she was dancing — so she becomes a dance teacher. It puts an intense strain on her marriage.

Kate graduates. But then goes into premature labor at only 28 weeks while in the car with her drunk brother. The family find out about Kevin’s relapse.

March 2019 Baby Jack Pearson Damon is born. After a long, excruciating wait Kate gives birth to baby Jack.

Beth and Randall hit the lowest of lows in their marriage. It gets very intense there for a while, but eventually they decide they’re going to move to Philadelphia, where Randall can still be city councilman and Beth is going to open her own dance studio.

Randall and Beth Pearson move to Philadelphia.

The Clarke School of Dance open. Beth and Randall learn that 14-year-old Deja wants to date a boy with a baby.

Tess has a panic attack. Beth begins to suspect Randall might be headed toward another breakdown, what with the leg tapping and ten-mile running and working extra late hours. He refuses to get any help.

Randall pretends to be bad at golf to win over fellow councilmen. He’s great at golf, thanks to his father’s insistence that he learn to play. He’s so good, in fact, that he knows exactly how to pretend to be bad enough to endear himself to fellow golfers on the City Council.

The Pearsons have the Hodges over.  Each blames the other’s kid for being a bad influence, some hostile words regarding class are exchanged, but in the end, after a heartfelt speech from Deja, Beth, Randall, Kelly, and Darnell agree to let the kids see each other as long as there is a chaperone.

Randall notices his mother is having more than a few mental slipups when she arrives in Philly. He and Rebecca have a blowout fight when Randall calls her on it, and implies that he’s the actual parent figure in this relationship.

Thanksgiving 2019: The Pearsons descend on Philadelphia, drama ensues. Shauna comes to see Deja, which upsets Beth, but it ends up bringing Deja and Beth closer together. Kevin helps Tess come out to her classmates. Kate discovers that Toby is complaining about her to his CrossFit friends, especially someone named LadyKryptonite. After Nicky realizes Jack didn’t completely erase him from his life once, when he hears Randall tell the “So Long, Marianne” story. Nicky tells the story of his and Jack’s perfect Thanksgiving and introduces the tradition of Thanksgiving Shrimp. Rebecca, after leaving all day to see a movie, confides to Randall that he was right and she needs to see a doctor, but to keep it between them.

December 31, 2019: Randall has taken his mother’s care into his own hands and decides to let Miguel know about an appointment with the best doctor in Los Angeles while the rest of his family is literally counting down to 2020.

Rebecca is diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. More testing is to be done, but she wants to keep this between herself, Miguel, and Randall for now.

Randall finds an armed man breaking into his home. It sends him hurtling toward another breakdown when he becomes obsessed with the new security system he intalls, has to keep his mother’s diagnosis a secret, and fights a mugger in a parking lot all in the same week.

The Big Three head to the family cabin to have feelings together. Here, Kevin learns the truth about Rebecca, Randall realizes he really needs therapy, and they listen to Jack’s tape after they unearth their time capsule. Kevin also takes the drawing of Jack’s dream house and makes some plans.

Randall finally goes to therapy. In justa session Randall admits that he thinks he is the only person who can hold the Pearsons together.

Randall calls a “code red” sibling video chat. He’s found a nine-month long Alzheimer’s clinical trial in St. Louis and he wants everyone on board with making Rebecca go.

Rebecca, Kevin, and Randall head to NYC for Kevin’s M. Night Shyamalan movie premiere. Kevin’s trying to give his mother one great day, but Randall can’t help himself and he brings up the clinical trial to Rebecca in the middle of the movie premiere party. Kevin and Randall have a huge fight and then Rebecca runs away.

Rebecca finally gets to see Madame X at the Met again. She tells her sons that she doesn’t have a lot of time left, and what little time she has she wants to spend it joyfully and with her family. She’s not doing the trial.

Randall guilt-trips his mother into going to the clinical trial. Randall calls Rebecca and reminds her that he’s been a good son, he’s forgiven her for a lot of things, and has never asked for anything in return. He’s asking her to do this clinical trial.

March 2020 Baby Jack’s first birthday. Rebecca tells everyone her news about the clinical trial, Kevin figures out it was Randall who made her change her mind. Beth makes Rebecca and her kids go out while Randall and Kevin fight. The two brothers say pretty much the most awful things you could think of and completely sever their relationship.

Randall is unresponsive when Kate requests guidance for involvement in the George Floyd protest. Randall finds himself more able to open up to Malik than to his therapist, telling him the white Pearsons never discussed similar incidents.

August 2020: The Big Three turn 40 Concerned for a missing Rebecca, Kate is unable to reach Kevin and calls Randall, who drives to the cabin, arriving after police escort Rebecca home. Randall identifies a drug interaction that caused Rebecca's episode. Kate admits she does not know how to talk to Randall about social justice, and he tells her he is "exhausted." Having learned he will have a son and daughter, Kevin asks Randall's advice about raising a girl; Randall reassures him Madison will support him. Randall tells Dr. Leigh that he will be switching to a Black therapist, and tells Beth that he is "sad," with everything going on around him, but not breaking down.

While shadowing Randall at work, Malik is distracted by a call about Janelle and accidently livestreams a partially undressed Randall preparing to exercise. Seeing Malik's commitment to fatherhood and a career, Randall offers him an internship despite the mistake. The video goes viral and the Vietnamese man rewatches an earlier moment when Randall mentions his father, William Hill.

Randall has received a letter from the Vietnamese man, "Hai", and learns that his birth mother Laurel had actually died in 2015, not right after he was born, as he was told by his birth father. After talking to his therapist, Dr. Vance, Randall decides to call Hai. Together, Randall and Beth plan to travel to New Orleans to see him.

Randall and Beth come to Hai, where he tells them the origin story of Randall's mother. Ranndall finally lets his pain go and calls Kevin.  Kevin cant talk because he is rushing back from Vancouver to get to the hospital.


Randall makes good on his promise to have dinner with his social-worker daughter once a week. Tess and Randall go to see Rebecca, who is ill and in her deathbed.

The family gathers at Kevin’s house to begin their good-byes to Rebecca. Randall,Tess, Toby, Kevin’s kids, Nicky Pearson are there as well. Randall is the first to go talk to his mother, who is in a hospice bed and suffering from dementia. It seems like Kevin and Randall have made up.



Beth Pearson

Randall is married to Beth Pearson.


Tess Pearson

Deja Pearson

Annie Pearson





  • Randall was born on the same day as Kevin and Kate, August 31, 1980. However, in Career Days, Randall's report card says that he was born on June 27, 1981, and events in Forty: Part Two suggest he was born August 29, and brought to the hospital two days later.
  • As a teenager, Randall calls his sister Kate "LL Cool K".
  • Randall suffers from extreme anxiety and perfectionism. He has had two breakdowns: one during Beth's first pregnancy and another while suffering to juggle his job, his marriage, his father's illness, and his children.
  • Randall is allergic to pears.
  • Randall is the presumed favorite of his mother Rebecca, who is shown to coddle him throughout his childhood.
  • He initially intended to attend Howard University, but after his adopted father's death, he chose to attend Carnegie Mellon University so he would be closer to his family. He met Beth here.
  • Randall and Kevin get in a fight on the streets of NYC, and Kevin tells the onlookers that Randall is his brother. Randall reminds Kevin that this is the first he has acknowledge him as his brother.
  • After William dies, Randall quits his Weather Trader job when the company sends him a sympathy gift of pears despite having an allergic reaction to them at work in the past.
  • When Randall learns his father has musical talent, he attempts to learn the piano to see if he has the same but untapped talents.
  • He named his first daughter Tessana after a ceiling fan brand. Although unconfirmed, his second daughter Annie may also have been named after this same brand.
  • Randall loves to play the Spongebob theme song on his flute, which he got for free from a pawn shop after demonstrating incredibly promising fluting ability.



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"No hard feelings, man. I walk out of here in triumph. I came, I saw, I conquered." -Randall Pearson (What Now?)

"My father died, man, and on the day of his memorial you sent me pears, which I'm allergic to. And you know this because at the lunch when you hired me we at Roquefort salad and I went into anaphylactic shock. And along with the pears that could have killed me, you sent a card with a one-line Hallmark message and a typed out signature, from "The Team." And for all this, Tyler, I thank you." -Randall Pearson ( What Now?)

"I hate going to grandma and grandpa's! Whenever we take pictures, they always say, 'Okay, okay, now one with just the twins.'" -Randall Pearson, (Pilgrim Rick)

"Life feels like Pac-Man sometimes, I guess. It’s the same game over and over again. Same board. Same ghosts. Sometimes, you get a bunch of cherries but eventually and inevitably, those ghosts catch up with you." -Randall Pearson (Number Three)

"My dad was a superhero. Man literally saved my life the day I was born. And he always took action. He never sat still. He was a superhero and then he died and we’ve all been scrambling ever since, scrambling to keep him alive however we can, scrambling for new ways to feel close to him. I pride myself on having a piece of my dad in me, always have. But my dad wouldn’t have sat still. And my dad wouldn’t have just made phone calls. If this councilman won’t do his job, then maybe I can. I think I’m gonna run against him, Beth." Randall Pearson (Katie Girls)

"All you can do as a parent is try to pack the days with as much good stuff as possible and hope that it outweighs the bad. You hope that the good stuff sticks." Randall Pearson (Songbird Road: Part Two)


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