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Marilyn Pearson was the wife of Stanley Pearson and the mother of Jack Pearson and Nicky Pearson.


It is unknown when she married Stanley. Jack was born on August 31st, 1944. He was their first child and son.

Nicky was born on October 18th, 1948 at 11:58 pm, weighing 7.2lbs. On the day of his birth, Stanley tells his son, Jack, that it is an older brother's only duty to look after and protect his younger brother. Jack takes this to heart, taking it on himself to protect his brother throughout their childhood as their father turns to alcoholism and becomes abusive to the family.

Jack protects her and Nicky from Stanley’s abuse, even as a child.

In 1969, shortly before Nicky gets drafted, he's living with his parents. Things with Stanley seem decent, but signs of his cruelty still emerge as the family gathers to watch the moon landing.

One night, Nicky's girlfriend (Sally) asks Nick to leave town with her for a music festival (Woodstock) and then California. Nick hesitantly agrees, but the night of his intended departure, Nick's resolve appears to fade after a warm exchange with his father and after he observes his parents embracing. Nick leaves Sally in the lurch. One Small Step ...

After 1972 Jack moves his mother out of their house as his father’s abuse gets worse.

1980 She knitted the Big Three onesies.

1988 She dies before Pearson Thanksgiving tradition.



At first, her relationship with Stanley was decent. However, alcoholism appeared to run on his side of the family and he eventually caved and began drinking after Nicky was born. Their relationship became worse over time, and he escalated to beating her before Jack intervened and moved her out of the house. Post 1972, they no longer had anything to do with one another.

After moving out, she met another man named Mike and began dating him until her death in 1988.


Marilyn was shown to be a doting mother to her sons, but due to the time period and possible fear, she was unable to defend them properly or leave with them when their father became abusive.

She often made meals for the family and was attentive to Nicky’s sensitive nature and needs, which Stanley did not like. Both Jack and Nicky were protective of her; Jack got her out of the house and told Stanley to stay away from her funeral, and Nicky stood Sally up to ensure she was happy and safe, because Stanley seemed stable if he was at the house.

After Jack got her out of the house, they called once in a while but he never visited.

Once her kids are adults and both out on their own, it is unknown whether she knows about Nicky’s whereabouts post Vietnam, or if she thinks he has died. She also thinks Jack allowed his childhood to be too defined by his father’s actions, and insists he has positive memories as well.

Marilyn appeared close with her cousin.