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Jack is born on August 31th 1944.

Nicky was born on October 18th, 1948 at 11:58 pm, weighing 7.2lbs. On the day of his birth, Stanley tells his son, Jack, that it is an older brother's only duty to look after and protect his younger brother. Jack takes this to heart, taking it on himself to protect his brother throughout their childhood as their father turns to alcoholism and becomes abusive to the family.

In 1969, shortly before Nicky gets drafted, he's living with his parents. Things with Stanley seem decent, but signs of his cruelty still emerge as the family gathers to watch the moon landing.

One night, Nicky's girlfriend (Sally) asks Nick to leave town with her for a music festival (Woodstock) and then California. Nick hesitantly agrees, but the night of his intended departure, Nick's resolve appears to fade after a warm exchange with his father and after he observes his parents embracing. Nick leaves Sally in the lurch. One Small Step ...

After 1972 Jack moves his mother out of their house as his father’s abuse gets worse.

1980 She knitted the Big Three onesies.

1988 She dies before Pearson Thanksgiving tradition.