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“I think that's sort of how it works you know? We go through life slowly but surely collecting these little pieces of ourselves that we can't really live without until we eventually have enough of them to feel whole.” ― Kevin Pearson

Kevin Pearson is the is the son of Rebecca and Jack Pearson and the brother of Kate and Randall. He is also the ex-fiancé of Madison Simons, and the father of Nick and Franny. Nicknamed "Number One" for being the first of The Big Three born, Kevin is the eldest of the Pearson siblings. Growing up, he struggles to be the center of attention because he feels his parents tend to focus their attention on his sister Kate because of her weight and eating problems and his brother Randall since he is adopted. He is a famous actor who starred in the sitcom The Manny as well as many film roles.


Baby/Toddler Kevin[]

August 31, 1980: Jack Pearson’s 36th birthday and Rebecca goes into labor. While celebrating her husband's birthday, Rebecca's water breaks, and the couple immediately proceeded to the hospital. Rebecca births the first triplet, Kevin, which is why his nickname is "Number One. Immediately, she enters a distressed state and the OB-GYN immediately takes her into surgery. Her daughter Kate was born and Rebecca entered recovery; however, the third triplet, Kyle, was stillborn as a result of the umbilical cord wrapping around his neck. Jack finds baby Randall in need of a family.(Pilot)

Big Three’s first birthday. Jack and Rebecca are having trouble dealing with their grief over losing Kyle a year ago, so they pay Dr. K a visit and beg him for advice. He gives a speech about wrapping tragedy and joy together.(Strangers: Part Two)

Rebecca cannot resist tending to incessantly crying baby Kevin, who finally self-soothes after Jack physically blocks Rebecca from intervening.(Honestly)

Kevin is the first to walk of his siblings. (Number One)

The Pearsons officially adopt Randall. (The Most Disappointed Man")

The Big Three get their big-kid beds. Toddler Kevin misses a mobile Rebecca donated to Goodwill. Jack tells Kevin that, after losing something he loves, he can find something else to love(A Hell of a Week: Part Two)

Child Kevin[]

The Pearsons buy a shiny new Jeep Grand Wagoneer. (The Car)

The Pearsons attend a school talent show. Kevin does Mr. T impression, but the main thing that Sophie likes it. (A Manny-Splendored Thing)

July 1988: There’s a heat wave in Pittsburgh, and the Pearsons meet Yvette.  The gang heads to the local pool. The kids there make fun of Kate, Jack cheers up by giving her his T-shirt. Randall makes friends with some of the other black kids at the pool.  Kevin is ignored by Jack and Rebecca, and almost drowns. He yells at Jack, and Jack apologizes to Kevin. (The Pool)

Jack’s dad dies. It happens while Jack is off on a camping trip with the boys, tries to get the boys get along. Randall tries to make Kevin like him, but is awful to him. Jack goes to take Rebecca’s call. Kevin lays in the tent, he finds Randall’s book. In the book Randall wrote things to talk about with Kevin. When Jack comes back, the boys make up.("Brothers" )

November 23, 1989: The Pearson Thanksgiving traditions begin.( "Pilgrim Rick" )

December 24, 1989: Kate needs an appendectomy.("Last Christmas" )

In fourth-grade, Kevin meets Sophie, the girl he believes is the love of his life

August 31, 1990: The Big Three celebrate the big 1-0. Rebecca and Jack throw a big party for the Big Three .  Kevin ’s party theme is The Princess Bride to impress Sophie.("Three Sentences")

October 31, 1990: Kate holds Billy Palmer’s hand while Jack accompany her and Kevin to trick and treating. ("The 20's" )

Winter 1990-91: The Big Three get the chicken pox and Rebecca outs her mother as a racist. (Still There" )

February 1992 Rebecca and Kevin spends an afternoon waiting in line to have John Smiley sign his rookie card.  Jack feels off after meeting with Nicky. He gets angry with Kate and Randall, but after Jack and the kids do a sequin fight.("Songbird Road (Part 2)" )

May 16, 1992: The kids beat Jack at his own gift-giving game.  The Big Three throw their parents an anniversary party complete with a meteor shower.

The Big Three go to their first school dance. Sometime in 1992, The Big Three go to their first school dance and Kevin gets his first kiss from Sophie.Don't Take My Sunshine Away

The Pearsons go to the cabin for the first time. Kevin arrives later because he was in football camp. Randall gets his glasses and reads with Rebecca. Jack tries Kate lose weight by exercise, after they eat ice cream. Kevin feels like the fifth wheel of the family whole day. At night he goes to his parents room, and finds his siblings there and there is no room left. So Kevin sleeps at the floor, when Rebecca wakes up, she sleep next to Kevin. The Fifth Wheel

The Pool sequel. The Pearsons go to the pool before the start of seventh grade. Kevin makes fun of Randall in front of his friends.  Kevin wonders if he’s a good person and Jack teaches Kevin about the Pearson men being “complicated”. Rebecca faces the fact that her kids are growing up and want nothing to do with her. Kate gets her first kiss when popular girls try to prank her. (The Pool: Part Two")

1993 First day at school Randall suffers his first panic attack upon receiving a dress code violation. Kevin forges Rebecca's signature on the slip, and convinces the family to watch Arsenio Hall together to remedy Randall's pop culture deficit. (Unhinged)

Fall 1993: The Pearsons bury a time capsule at the cabin. Kate buries a game of MASH, Kevin buries a picture of him and Sophie, Randall panics over what to contribute, and Kevin gives him one piece of a family photo jigsaw puzzle to include, Jack makes a recording about how much he loves Rebecca, and Rebecca secretly buries a sketch Jack drew of his dream house to build near the cabin. (The Cabin)

Kevin receives two A's in nonacademic electives, nevertheless earning a promised $10 reward from Rebecca. He buys baseball cards, hoping for a '91 John Candelaria, finding one after Rebecca indulges his ritual. (Clouds)

The Pearsons spend the day in NYC. (New York, New York, New York)

Jack encourages Kevin's weight training, remembering his own father's less supportive approach. Kevin secretly exercises more at night. (Changes)

1994: In eighth grade, Kevin wants to quit football after his coach criticizes him for not knowing the plays. Rebecca would let him; Jack says Rebecca's coddling has made Kevin "soft." Kevin overhears the discussion and asks Randall for help studying the plays. (Honestly)

Teenaged Jack plays Little League Baseball, dreading Stanley's inevitable drunkenness. Stanley demands Jack drive them home; en route, Jack yells at Stanley after continued disparagement over his team's loss. Jack brings eighth-grader Kevin to football camp. Kevin worries football is his only merit, having overheard Jack call him "soft." On learning Kevin's coach calls him "stupid," Jack tells Kevin how Stanley's behavior displaced Jack's love of baseball. He worries he has become like Stanley, but Kevin reassures him he is a better father. Jack orders the coach never to call Kevin "stupid." (There)

Teen Kevin[]

Kevin grows more arrogant and aloof towards his family. He is incredibly talented in playing football and colleges begin scouting him (Number One).

Kevin and Randall’s sibling rivalry boils over during a high-school football game. All Randall wants is the love and respect of his brother. All Kevin wants is to be left alone in his new basement bachelor pad. (The Best Washing Machine in the World)

Rebecca and Jack decide to separate. The couple has a discussion with their children, during a diner, about them needing time apart. Kate doesn't react to this news well, and Kevin tries to comfort her. Jack asks Randall to give him and Rebecca time alone. After Rebecca and the kids go to a movie. (A Father's Advice)

Rebecca and Jack decide not to separate. Jack admits that he’s an alcoholic to his kids. (A Manny-Splendored Thing)

Kevin shatters his knee and his dream. When he gets hurt during a high-school game and told he’ll never play again. The only one who can really comfort him is his dad. Jack tells Kevin if he could take on his son’s pain for him, he would. He passes on the Buddhist necklace he got while in Vietnam. He explains to Kevin the necklace will help him find his purpose in one of the lowest points of his life like it had done for Jack (Number One).

Jack’s last Thanksgiving. He and Miguel have a heart-to-heart about Miguel not giving up on being part of his kids’ lives. (Six Thanksgivings)

Family mall trip. Kate and Rebecca go to buy a dress, Randall asks Allison out with a Magic 8-Ball, Kevin realizes the sacrifices Jack has made for him, and Rebecca and Jack forget to pick up batteries for the smoke detectors in the house. (Clooney)

January 25, 1998: Super Bowl XXXII Jack and Rebecca spend the day getting shamed by a surly Kevin, ignored by Randall who skips the game to take Allison to see Titanic (and get his first kiss!), and Jack reminds his daughter that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Kevin goes with Sophie, and Kate to her friends. Rebecca and Jack spend time alone. Then Jack places a red dish towel next to a faulty slow cooker and the Pearson house goes up in flames while the family is sleeping. (Super Bowl Sunday)

A projector malfunction prevents Kevin and Sophie from seeing the end of Good Will Hunting. Leaving it unwatched, they entertain each other with invented endings. (A Hell of a Week: Part Two)

January 26, 1998: The Pearson house burns down … and Jack dies. Jack runs through fire to get Rebecca, Randall, and Kate safely out of the house and then goes back in to save Louie the Dog and some family mementos. It looks like he’s fine, but he goes to the hospital to get his burns checked out, and never leaves. While Rebecca is on the phone in the waiting room, Jack Pearson has a heart attack due to smoke inhalation complications and dies. (Super Bowl Sunday) Kevin doesn't know anything, because he spends the night with Sophie in the woods, so Kate goes to tell him everything. (A Father's Advice)

Following his father's death, Kevin feels immense guilt for not being there to prevent his father from going back inside the house and for the fight he had had with Jack the evening before. He never got to apologize(The Car) .

January 31, 1998: The Pearsons honor Jack exactly how he would’ve wanted. The funeral starts out very tense—especially between Randall and Kevin. Rebecca gets  a visit from Dr. K. Rebecca takes the kids to The Tree to scatter Jack’s ashes, and then she tells them that Jack had bought them all tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert for that night. (The Car)

Everyone is so sad. Rebecca can barely function, Kate is eating her feelings, Kevin is drinking his, and Randall has to hold the family together. Randall decides to defer going to Howard even though it is his greatest dream. (A Philadelphia Story)

1998, Randall skips prom after Allison's father rejects him because of his race. Sophie brings a drunk Kevin to Miguel's. Miguel buys Rebecca a piano and handles home maintenance; he told Jack he would look out for the Pearsons if Jack died. Rebecca suggests Kate use music as an emotional release, but Kate is not ready. Toby

May 1998: The Big Three graduate! Kate has no college plans, she’s mad at Kevin for going to NYC to be an actor, Rebecca’s crying outside of school gymnasiums, and Randall is a valedictorian. Rebecca — at Miguel’s insistence — starts grief counseling. (The Graduates)

Kevin helps Randall score a date with Beth. (R & B)

1999. Rebecca decides to find a permanent home. Via answering machine, Kevin reveals he has married Sophie. (Flip a Coin)

Randall, Beth, and Miguel join newlyweds Kevin and Sophie for dinner at Rebecca and Kate's new house. Kate's coworker, Marc, arrives and introduces himself as her boyfriend; her brothers dislike him. Rebecca cooks an inedible dinner and frets over her children's bickering. Miguel suggests that, like a vintner, she wait out the bad years. Rebecca relates the story of her and Jack's similarly disastrous first dinner in their house, then orders pizza and plays the piano as the family takes Polaroids (Storybook Love)

Marc turns out to be emotionally abusive and toxic. Rebecca feels something’s wrong with Kate.  She and the Pearson boys go after Kate to the Cabin. Rebecca kicks Marc out. (A Hell of a Week: Part Three)

Rebecca, Randall, and Beth head to New York for Kevin’s acting showcase. Kevin tries to set Rebecca up with his acting teacher, Kirby. Randall and Kevin fight because of it. (New York, New York, New York)

After his showcase Kevin gets the attention of a talent manager who wants him to head to Los Angeles for pilot season. Kevin decides to go LA and leave Sophie in NY.  Randall warns him not to. Randall can’t fathom anything coming between him and Beth, and he doesn’t know how Kevin could leave Sophie. Kevin doesn’t take his advice. (A Long Road Home)


Kevin cheats on Sophie and they divorce.

Randall and Beth have a backyard wedding. (R & B)

October 31, 2008: Tess Pearsonis born. (The 20's)

Kate and Kevin decide it’s time to get their lives together. For Kate that means she’s going to stop sleeping with married men, eating fast food while sitting outside the old Pearson house, and move to Los Angeles to live with her brother. Kevin is going to join an improv group. (The 20's)

He works a shampooer in a salon. (The 20's)

2011: Kevin films the “Untitled Hot Babysitter Pilot.” Kevin doesn’t even know if he wants to act. But then he makes a baby laugh, and Kevin’s entire life changes. (Flip a Coin)

30's before his 36th birthday[]

Kevin becomes an international celebrity with the Manny. (Pilot)

Present from his 36th birthday[]

August 31, 2016: Big Three 36th birthday Kevin breaks down on the set of The Manny and quits. (Pilot)

Kevin moves to New York City. Kevin stays in the basement at Randall’s house indefinitely so that he can try out the New York theater scene and become more than just The Manny. (Kyle)

Kevin finally calls Randall his brother. It happens during a physical fight in the middle of New York City, but still, it is all Randall has ever wanted from Kevin. (The Best Washing Machine in the World)

November 24, 2016 Kevin and Olivia Maine kiss. Kevin lets Miguel be Pilgrim Rick. Of the three Pearson kids, Kevin’s relationship with stepdad Miguel is the most fraught. This not-so-small gesture of letting Miguel participate in Jack’s Thanksgiving tradition is a huge step for their relationship. (Pilgrim Rick)

Randall discovers that Rebecca and William knew each other. When Randall goes to William’s apartment to grab some music recordings that are part of his birth father’s Thanksgiving traditions, he happens upon Rebecca’s letter, which reveals her decision to never tell Randall about William. Randall confronts Rebecca at the Thanksgiving dinner table. (Pilgrim Rick)

The big three goes to the family’s cabin. (The Trip)

Olivia goes off the grid and Kevin’s play is canceled.

Kevin and Sloane decide to self-produce The Back of an Egg.

December 24, 2016: Toby collapses in Randall’s living room. (Last Christmas)

Kevin makes a grand, romantic gesture to win back Sophie. Kevin and his childhood sweetheart Sophie divorced after he moved to Los Angeles and cheated on her, and they haven’t seen each other in 12 years. She’s hesitant, but he wins her over by taking her to their old haunts and professing his love for her in a dramatic speech. (Three Sentences)

Randall has an anxiety-induced breakdown on Kevin’s opening night. The mounting pressure at work, the pile of responsibilities at home, not to mention the emotional stress of watching his birth father slowly die after just meeting him all becomes too much for Randall. He becomes paralyzed with stress in his own office. Thankfully, Kevin realizes what’s happening and rushes to his brother’s rescue — even though it means ditching opening night of his play. (Jack Pearson's Son)

Kevin has a second shot at opening night. He finally makes his big stage debut with The Back of an Egg’s opening night redux, and it is quite the success. Almost unbelievably, Ron Howard happens to be in the audience that night and he calls Kevin to offer him a part in his next movie. (What Now?" ) He just told Sophie that he realized he moved to New York City to be with her, but Kevin goes to do the movie. (Moonshadow)

August 31 2017 Kate leaves an audition because all the other women there are thin, but she returns to go through with it. She is rejected because of her inexperience, not her weight; Kate is confident she can work her way up. Toby tells Kevin that he, not Kevin, needs to be Kate's "person." Kevin explains that Kate informed him of their father's death, and being Kate's brother is the only thing he is really good at. (A Father's Advice)

Pearson clan attends a very special taping of The Man-ny in Los Angeles. Kevin is required to film one more episode as the Manny for a special, anniversary episode. He returns to set and finds out that the script was written to embarrass him.With the help of Sophie, he finds the courage to do the last scene, despite the embarrassment, and as she did in the past, she is shown laughing. Beth has had enough of her husband Randall-ing out over caring for a child who has possibly been emotionally or physically abused, but then is reminded by Kevin that the only situation in which Randall has taken a risk is his relationship with Beth. (A Manny-Splendored Thing)

Kevin injures his knee on set, begins his descent toward rock bottom. The flare up of his old football injury and his co-star Sylvester Stallone’s insisting Kevin talk about his father drudges up a whole lot of emotion that he has worked his entire life to keep stuffed down. He begins taking pain pills to numb, well, everything. (Déjà Vu)

The Pearson Brothers attend a charity gala. Kevin embarrasses himself and Sophie as he spirals further down with his addiction, while Randall reaches a turning point with Deja. She has a very sweet crush on Kevin, so Randall agrees to take her to the event, where he learns about her rough time in other foster homes and why she flinches around Randall. (Brothers)

Kevin breaks up with Sophie. (The Most Disappointed Man)

Kevin visits back to his old high school. He has an one-night stand with one of his classmate (Charlotte). While trying to get a prescription for fentanyl using a script he stole from that one-night stand, he realizes he lost his dad’s necklace — the one thing he has left of his father. (Number One)

Kevin gets arrested for a DUI. Post-breakdown, Kevin heads to Randall’s house to finally ask for help, but news of Kate’s miscarriage steals his thunder. He chugs some vodka and goes for a ride instead. Tess is hiding the backseat of Kevin’s car, has to watch her uncle hit rock bottom. (Number Three)

The Pearsons have an intense family therapy session. Kevin wants Rebecca to admit that Randall is her favorite and he goads her until she breaks down and tells him that it was easier to love Randall. The revelation brings the Big Three closer, and helps to heal Kevin and Rebecca’s relationship. (The Fifth Wheel)

Kevin moves in with Rebecca and Miguel. Kevin begins to see both his mother and Miguel in a new light. Kevin and Rebecca grow closer. (Clooney)

Kevin makes amends. He talks with Sophie and it seems to be a very final good-bye. He gets a letter from Dr. Charlotte, who returns Kevin’s necklace. (That'll Be the Day)

February 4, 2018: Super Bowl LII: Rebecca makes Jack’s favorite lasagna. Kevin and Rebecca bonds over Jack’s death.  Kevin try to make amends with Jack, he goes to The Tree to tell Jack that he’s going to make him proud. (Super Bowl Sunday)

Vegas, baby. The Big Three and their people head to Vegas for Kate and Toby’s bachelorette and bachelor parties. Kate and Beth bond. Kevin finds out that his movie may change his life. Randall can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Deja. (Vegas, Baby)

Kate’s wedding. The wedding is coordinated by Kevin and Randall. Before Kate can walk down the aisle at the family cabin in her gorgeous dress, she has something to do: She needs to let go of Jack, at least a little bit. She goes out into the woods and sits on the tree stump she used to share with her dad, and tells him she needs to make room for Toby. She finally spreads Jack’s remaining ashes, and then Kevin and Randall walk her down the aisle.  Rebecca and Kate discuss their issues head-on. Kevin uses his toast time to get himself, Kate, Randall, and Rebecca to finally release that deep breath is feels like they’ve been holding in since Jack died. (The Wedding)

Kevin and Zoe meet by the wedding punch bowl and start dating. (The Wedding)

Kevin and Zoe are sleeping together; Beth believes Zoe uses men and will hurt Kevin, but fails to dissuade his interest. (Nine Bucks)

'September 2018 People love Kevin’s film Hill 400. According to Rebecca it has a 95 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and even NPR’s Terry Gross is into it. It’s her probing questions that Kevin becomes intrigued to learn more about his father's war experiences. (Katie Girls).

Kevin meets Robinson. He learns that his father was definitely not “just a mechanic” in the war. Robinson can’t answer any questions about Jack’s brother, but he does hand Kevin a photo of Jack with a Vietnamese woman wearing the Very Important Necklace that Jack gave to Kevin. (Toby)

Kevin leverages his South Korean fanbase to help Randall campaign in Koreatown. (Kamsahamnida)

Kevin and Zoe go to Vietnam. Kevin has a lot to learn about what happened to his dad and uncle during the war, but he also has a lot to learn about his girlfriend. She confides in him that she was sexually abused by her father, and the two admit that they are falling deeply in love with each other. (Sometimes)

Kevin’s trip to Vietnam ends with a surprising revelation. No one at the village recognizes Jack or the woman wearing the necklace and Kevin resigns himself to returning home having learned nothing. Thanks to a resourceful hotel proprietor, he learns one very huge, startling thing: There’s no record of Nicholas Pearson dying in the Vietnam War. (The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning)

Kevin asks Zoe to move in with him, which she does but does not unpack. While researching his uncle, Kevin learns Zoe dumped an ex via email; he fears she will leave him, and they break up. Late on election night, Zoe discloses how difficult it is for her to leave her comfort zone; they get back together. Zoe finally unpacks, and finds a letter Nicky sent Jack. (The Last Seven Weeks)

The Pearsons go on a road trip to find their long-lost uncle. Although not a complete disaster, it doesn’t go well. Nicky is finally able to tell them the story of what really happened in Vietnam, although, he discovers, he’ll never be able to tell his brother. Rebecca gets to meet Jack’s brother. Kevin attempts to get Nicky involved with the local VA Center to help cope with his PTSD and alcoholism (Songbird Road (Part 1)) Nicky refuses Kevin's help but allows him to fix a hole in the ceiling of his trailer.

Kevin relapses.Finding his uncle in that state and grappling with the thought that Jack kept him a secret all those years is enough to make anyone feel helpless and lost, so Kevin starts drinking again while alone in Nicky’s trailer."Songbird Road (Part 2)

Some weeks pass with Kevin secretly drinking again, but it comes to fruition at Kate's graduation party. Kevin leaves her party early to go back to his place to drink, but Kate suspects something is wrong and follows him, discovering he had relapsed. Not wanting to wait, she tells him she'll drive him to a local meeting, but then Kate goes into premature labor at only 28 weeks and Kevin has to call an ambulance since he is too drunk to drive her to the hospital.  The family finds out about his relapse. (The Graduates)

March 2019: Baby Jack Pearson Damon is born. In the hospital waiting room, tensions rise as the Pearsons wait for news on Kate and the baby. Kevin is hostile to Madison, whom Miguel encourages to find her own way to support Kate; Madison later retrieves a Ruth Bader Ginsburg doll Kate bought as a gift for her baby. Zoe hears out Kevin's explanation of his behavior, and indicates to Beth that she will stay with Kevin; Zoe later tells Beth that a water bottle Kevin obtained earlier actually contained vodka. Miguel tries to keep everyone occupied, and complains that he is marginalized within the family. Rebecca is disconnected and quiet, until Kevin and Randall arguing prompts an outburst; remembering her experience when Jack died, Rebecca banishes anything that isn't about Kate. Toby informs the family that Kate is okay and their son was born via caesarean section and is on a ventilator. (The Waiting Room)

After Jack's birth Kevin becomes sober.  

Kevin and Zoe enter couples therapy. Kevin wants children, but Zoe does not. Kevin visits Sophie, who is engaged. She tells him his charm has spared him from difficult decisions. Kevin chooses a life with Zoe, even without children. (Don't Take My Sunshine Away)

Kevin and Zoe babysit Tess and Annie. Kevin helps Tess understand that forming an identity is a lifelong process. Realizing that Kevin is meant to be a father, Zoe ends their relationship. (Her)

August 31 2019 Kevin is sober and works diligently to maintain his sobriety. (Strangers)

Post-Zoe-breakup, Kevin decides he wants to be where the action is: in L.A. with Kate, Toby, Rebecca, Miguel, and Baby Jack. . Kate helps Kevin and Jack bond, and encourages Kevin to take a job in Chicago. He instead visits Nicky and gives him the ficus he has cared for in recovery. (The Pool: Part Two)

Nicky suffers a setback when his VA therapist is transferred, leading to his vandalism; Nicky may avoid jail time by continuing therapy. Kevin bonds with Cassidy's son Matty in the waiting room. When Kevin takes Nicky to an AA meeting, Cassidy is there; she, Nicky, then Kevin laugh at Kevin's egocentrism. (Unhinged)

The Manny is cancelled. When an AA meeting is rescheduled, Kevin and Nicky spend the day with Cassidy. Kevin gets Cassidy to acknowledge she wants to save her marriage. Nicky declines Kevin's offer of a new trailer, but Kevin buys one and becomes Nicky's neighbor. (Flip a Coin)

Cassidy is among local veterans honored at a hockey game. Ryan attends, but ignores the ceremony and leaves early; he tells Kevin that the military "broke" his wife, and to stay away from her. The crowd triggers Nicky, who leaves, but remains sober. Nicky and Kevin share ice cream in a Pearson family ritual. Randall and Kevin send the old piano to Kate as a baby gift. (Storybook Love)

Kevin and Cassidy work out together. Kevin has an enjoyable date with a gym employee, but cuts it short to comfort Cassidy, who has fought with Ryan. She kisses him; he reciprocates and they have sex. (The Club)

Kevin and Cassidy avoid each other, but attend Nicky's hearing together after Nicky seeks Cassidy's help with an erratic but sober Kevin; Nicky expresses gratitude for receiving treatment and having Kevin in his life, and the pretrial diversion is approved. With Kevin's encouragement, Cassidy joins her husband and son at a restaurant and does not deliver her signed divorce papers. Throughout the day, Nicky engages Kevin in honest discussions about Kevin's choices, and Kevin perceives Nicky as Jack. (Sorry)

Thanksgiving 2019: The Pearsons descend on Philadelphia, drama ensues. Shauna comes to see Deja, which upsets Beth, but it ends up bringing Deja and Beth closer together. Kevin helps Tess come out to her classmates. Kate discovers that Toby is complaining about her to his CrossFit friends, especially someone named Lady Kryptonite. After Nicky realizes Jack didn’t completely erase him from his life once, when he hears Randall tell the “So Long, Marianne” story. Nicky tells the story of his and Jack’s perfect Thanksgiving and introduces the tradition of Thanksgiving Shrimp. Rebecca, after leaving all day to see a movie, confides to Randall that he was right and she needs to see a doctor, but to keep it between them. Nicky suggests Kevin not return to Bradford with him, but affirms his gratitude. Kevin vows to that by 40 he will have a wife and kids. (So Long, Marianne)

Kevin spends a romantic day with a woman, Lizzy, but they part after she admits she is married and he is her celebrity "hall pass." Filming reshoots, Kevin misses a call from Sophie. (Light and Shadows)

Februaury 2020 Sophie’s mom Claire dies. Kevin attends Claire's funeral(she was a big fan); she died of multiple sclerosis. Kevin supports Sophie, sharing the loss of a parent; her fiancé Grant has two living parents. Kevin reassures Sophie that memories of Claire will eventually feel normal. They finally watch how Good Will Hunting ends. (A Hell of a Week: Part Two)

Back in LA, Kevin finds that Kate and her family are out, and a recently dumped Madison is house-sitting to walk Audio. Kevin praises Madison for fighting for relationships. They sleep together. When Randall calls, Kevin suggests they and Kate visit the cabin.. (A Hell of a Week: Part Two)

The Big Three head to the family cabin to be together. Kate learns Kevin and Madison slept together, Kevin learns the truth about Rebecca, Randall realizes he really needs therapy, and they listen to Jack’s tape after they unearth their time capsule. Kevin also takes the drawing of Jack’s dream house and makes some plans. (The Cabin)

Kevin and Rebecca’s Fun Day Out.Kevin and Rebecca openly discuss her diagnosis. They spend the day together, sneaking onto the grounds of Joni Mitchell's old house after Rebecca recounts being unable to find the site with Jack years earlier. Rebecca wants to continue their fun day rather than learn her MRI results, but Kevin promises that they have tomorrow. The results suggest Alzheimer's. Kevin buys a Candelaria card for $2. (Clouds)

Randall calls a “code red” sibling video chat. He’s found a nine-month long Alzheimer’s clinical trial in St. Louis and he wants everyone on board with making Rebecca go.

Rebecca, Kevin, and Randall head to NYC for Kevin’s M. Night Shyamalan movie premiere. Kevin’s trying to give his mother one great day, but Randall can’t help himself and he brings up the clinical trial to Rebecca in the middle of the movie premiere party. Kevin and Randall have a huge fight and then Rebecca runs away. (New York, New York, New York)

Rebecca finally gets to see Madame X at the Met again. She tells her sons that she doesn’t have a lot of time left, and what little time she has she wants to spend it joyfully and with her family. She’s not doing the trial. Randall blames Kevin for ruining Rebecca's chance at treatment, and admits he has always wondered if he could have saved Jack from the fire. (New York, New York, New York)

March 2020 Baby Jack’s first birthday. Rebecca tells everyone her news about the clinical trial, Kevin figures out it was Randall who made her change her mind. Beth makes Rebecca and her kids go out while Randall and Kevin fight. Madison is pregnant with twins, and thanks to her OB/GYN (who tells her not to give up on the father without trying. After the appointment, Madison heads over to Jack's birthday where she is unexpectedly in the middle of Kevin and Randall's argument. Randall storms off, and Madison tells Kevin that she is pregnant with his children. Shocked, Kevin leaves the room, where the brothers are at it again over which they exchange words that neither of them can take back, nor forget. After that Kevin commits to fatherhood. (Strangers: Part Two)

COVID-19 prompts Kevin and Madison to quarantine together; they start a relationship and announce her pregnancy to family members. (Forty: Part One)

August 2020: The Big Three turn 40 For their birthday, Kate, Kevin, and their families drive to the cabin, where Rebecca and Miguel are quarantined. Madison fears for the babies after a fall. Kevin proposes marriage, and reaffirms it after urgent care allays her fears. (Forty: Part One)

Concerned for a missing Rebecca, Kate is unable to reach Kevin and calls Randall, who drives to the cabin, arriving after police escort Rebecca home. Randall identifies a drug interaction that caused Rebecca's episode. Kate admits she does not know how to talk to Randall about social justice, and he tells her he is "exhausted." Having learned he will have a son and daughter, Kevin asks Randall's advice about raising a girl; Randall reassures him Madison will support him. (Forty: Part Two)

Kevin and Madison struggle to connect until agreeing to be more open with each other; both share their lifelong body- image struggles. (Changes)

Kevin is flustered when his new film's director offers him no feedback. The director later tells Kevin that if he commits to a role, he could be great. (Honestly)

Kevin is conflicted between shooting his new movie far away from Madison in Vancouver, and remembers Randall's old advice and calls Randall to try to repair their relationship. (A Long Road Home)

While traveling back home, Randall calls Kevin and finds out Madison is in labor and Kevin is rushing back from Vancouver to get to the hospital. (Birth Mother)

Kevin leaves the film set on learning Madison is in labor, quitting when director Foster demands he return. Kevin rescues a crashed motorist, a father who reassures him that the children won't remember if Kevin misses their birth. Kevin wants to emulate Jack's "there"-ness. Having dropped his wallet beside the crash, Kevin begs a TSA agent to help him board his flight. Madison is alone at the hospital, as Kate is at Ellie's labor induction. (There)

Randall coaches Madison through labor until Kevin arrives. The twins are born: Nicholas, after Uncle Nicky, and Frances, after Madison's grandmother. Kevin and Randall reaffirm their love. (In the Room)

Kevin is having a lot of thoughts and feelings as he and Madison prepare to bring Nicky and Franny home. And all of these boiling emotions bubble over when he realizes there’s a paparazzo following them. He pulls over and gets out to yell at the guy. Madison defuses Kevin's argument with the paparazzo. She slips into the driver’s seat and tells Kevin that she’d like him to nap the rest of the way home. He dreams Jack tells him not to repeat Jack's mistake of comparing himself to his father. Kevin wakes up alone in the car, goes inside and finds Madison in the house and says that even though they’ve been engaged for a while, he wants to do for real. “I really want you to be my wife. I want to be a family,” he says, slipping his hospital bracelet onto her wrist in lieu of a ring. She says yes, then they kiss. (The Ride)

Kate's family visits Kevin's, but Toby's unsuccessful job interview sours the evening. Toby blurts out that he didn’t get the job, after all. He rejects Kevin's offers of financial assistance, insisting that their families are separate Then it gets a little nasty, with Toby talking about how Kevin and Madison’s nanny does all the hard work but apologizes for his harshness. lone in the kitchen, Kevin makes Kate promise that she’ll come to him if she finds herself in a bad spot financially. She promises. Then Toby apologizes to Kevin, they shake hands, and the Damons leave. Kevin tells Madison he has to accept her and their children as the entirety of his family. Nicky arrives on their doorstep. (I've Got This)

Nicky starts to panic as Kevin rambles about what the babies should call Nicky and what they should do together. That night, Nicky calls Cassidy, wanting to bail. He feels guilty for Jack's sake that Kevin named his son after him and he isn't sure he can be grandfatherly. Nicky visits the twins' room with his replacement presents — annotated paperbacks of his favorite John Grisham novels. He talks about how he's lived alone for 50 years, and the twins' baptism invitation got him thinking about the moon. Kevin finding Nicky asleep beside the twins later that night. Smiling, he picks up one of the books and out falls Sally's photo of Jack and Nick. (One Small Step ...)


Kevin builds his father’s dream house. "The Cabin

The family gathers at Kevin’s house to begin their good-byes to Rebecca. Randall,Tess, Old Toby, Kevin’s kids , Nicky Pearson are there. Randall is the first to go talk to his mother, who is in a hospice bed and suffering from dementia. It seems like Kevin and Randall have made up. Strangers: Part Two

Annie drives Deja to Kevin's house, where someone else arrives as Randall prepares to take his daughters to see Rebecca. The Ride




Kevin met Sophie when they were children as she was a friend of Kate. They dated through their teens and got married and divorced sometime before Pilot. They reconnect in Three Sentences after not seeing each other for twelve years. Kevin asks Sophie to give him a second chance and she cautiously accepts.

After some time together, he broke up with her again. (The Most Disappointed Man)

Zoe Baker[]

Kevin knows Zoe because she is Beth's cousin. They secretly start hooking up together following Kate's wedding, but Beth quickly figures out what is going on between the two. Beth warns Kevin that Zoe is not the right girl for him, but Kevin and Zoe stay together despite this. Zoe accompanies Kevin on his trip to Vietnam when he attempts to discover more about his father's experiences when he was stationed there. There, she gets truly personal for the first time in all of her relationships when she reveals to Kevin that her father had sexually abused her as a child, and that is why they are not close. They confess their feelings to each other.

Upon their return to the States, Kevin asks Zoe to move in with him, and after some hesitation to let down more walls, Zoe agrees. Sadly, the relationship enters a crossroads when Zoe tells Kevin that she has no intention of ever having children, and he needs to decide if he would be okay with that. At first, Kevin tells her he would be fine with it, but he later discovers that he would like to have a family of his own one day. Reluctantly but for the best for both of them, they break up, and Zoe moves out.

Cassidy Sharp[]

They meet when uncle Nicky gets into a legal trouble. Kevin start to help her to stay sober and to save their marriage. When Cassidy decide to sign the divorce papers, and she is sad, she goes to Kevin and they sleep together. After Kevin feels guilty about their one night stand and almost slips in his sobriety. In the end they part as friends, and Cassidy decide to repair her relationship with her husband.

Madison Simons[]

Madison and Kevin met at Kate's wedding and also couple of times at Kate's family events. They only spoke a few with words with each other. However, all of this changes when Madison is helping Kate with Audio, and Kevin comes to visit baby Jack. When Kevin comes over, it turns out that Kate and Jack are on the trip and Toby is at work. Madison and Kevin talk about their not so great love life at Kate's house.

Somehow they end up sleeping together at Madison's house. At first Madison and Kevin agrees to keep their one night stand a secret from Kate. Later, however, Madison couldn't bare her guilt and spills the beans to Kate. Later, Madison finds out that she is pregnant with Kevin's children, at first she doesn't want to tell Kevin. She changes her mind and tells him at Jack's birthday party. Kevin is surprised but he tells Madison that he is "all in" and expresses his enthusiasm about becoming a father.

During the pandemic, Kevin moves into Madison's house. At Kevin's birthday Kevin and Madison become engaged after Madison falls and can no longer feel the babies move. They find out via ultrasound that they are expecting twins, a boy and a girl.

Shortly before the wedding, Madison breaks up with Kevin after Kevin is unable to say directly whether he loves her.


Kate Pearson[]

Kevin is closest to his sister because of the "twin bond," and they typically connect in a way neither connect with Randall.

Randall Pearson[]

Kevin feels some resentment towards Randall because not only do his parents treat him differently but he is also academically gifted; this fosters a constant tug-of-war between the brothers with Kevin being the bully figure in Randall's life.

Nicky Pearson[]

Kevin and Nicky end up extremely close, as Kevin saves his life, and as they share traits of alcoholism at one point. As Kevin always felt left out by his parents growing up, it’s likely he also forms a special bond with Nicky because his uncle acknowledges him specifically and not only applauds his efforts, but calls out his faults. Kevin names one of his children after Nicky.




Notes and Trivia[]

  • Kevin believes that strawberry milk comes from cows that are fed exclusively strawberries.
  • Kevin's high school football jersey, #1 (like his nickname Number One for being the oldest of the triplets), was retired after he graduated.
  • Jack passed on his beloved necklace when Kevin injured his knee, effectively ending his chance at a professional football career.
  • Kevin pursued acting because it kept his mind off of his father's death.
  • Kevin finds out about Nicky's past under the alias of "Clark Kent". Justin Hartley is famous for the role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the Superman drama Smallville, where Oliver was Clark's best friend and ally. Milo Ventimiglia auditioned for the main role of Clark in that series, wherein Michael Ironside (Mr. Pearson) portrayed Sam Lane.



"What? Are you serious? I call to get help and I gotta end up doing something nice?" -Kevin Pearson (Three Sentences)

"You walking into my fourth-grade class, Sophie, that's the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Actually that's not true, scratch that, that's the second-best thing that ever happened to me. The best thing that ever happened to me was you telling me that you'd marry me. I'm still in love with you, and I will be at our restaurant bright and early tomorrow waiting for you." -Kevin Pearson (I Call Marriage)

"I'm sorry" is like a... It's like a magic word when you're a kid. Doesn't matter what you did. say you're sorry and it all goes away. But then you grow up, and it just... doesn't work anymore, does it?" Kevin Pearson (Sorry)

"Sometimes you just got to do the right thing. You got to do the right thing, even if it's not what you want." -Kevin Pearson (The Right Thing to Do)

"I painted this because I felt like the play was about life, you know? And life is full of color. And we each get to come along and we add our own color to the painting, you know? And even though it’s not very big, the painting, you sort of have to figure that it goes on forever, you know, in each direction. So, like, to infinity, you know? ‘Cause that’s kind of like life, right? And it’s really crazy, if you think about it, isn’t it, that a hundred years ago, some guy that I never met came to this country with a suitcase. He has a son, who has a son, who has me. So, at first, when I was painting, I was thinking, you know, maybe up here, that was that guy’s part of the painting and then, you know, down here, that’s my part of the painting. And then I started to think, well, what if we’re all in the painting, everywhere? And what if we’re in the painting before we’re born? What if we’re in it after we die? And these colors that we keep adding, what if they just keep getting added on top of one another, until eventually we’re not even different colors anymore? We’re just one thing. One painting. I mean, my dad is not with us anymore. He’s not alive, but he’s with us. He’s with me every day. It all just sort of fits somehow. And even if you don’t understand how yet, people will die in our lives, people that we love. In the future. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe years from now. I mean, it’s kind of beautiful, right, if you think about it, the fact that just because someone dies, just because you can’t see them or talk to them anymore, it doesn’t mean they’re not still in the painting. I think maybe that’s the point of the whole thing. There’s no dying. There’s no you or me or them. It’s just us'." -Kevin Pearson (The Game Plan)

"Do you ever feel like you're performing in a movie that no one else can see? Like, you're trying to be the kind of person you're supposed to be, who does what you're supposed to do, instead of just being that. I want to be the kind of man who does the right thing because it's the right thing to do. But how do you know if you are that person? Ever think about that?" -Kevin Pearson (Guitar Man)


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