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Jack Damon is the son of Kate Pearson and Toby Damon.


In the present, Jack is a happy baby and loves to listen to his mother sing to him. In the future, Jack is a musically talented young man, similar to his mother and grandmother. It's indicated that he became a famous singer as an adult. He is also kind-hearted and romantic. His personality is very similar to his grandfather and namesake Jack.


In The Waiting Room, Jack is born twelve weeks early via an emergency C-section. When his parents first get to see him in the hospital's NICU, Kate decides to name him after her late father.

In Her, Jack has gotten healthy enough that Kate and Toby are allowed to take him home.

In Strangers, Jack was diagnosed with Stage 4 Retinopathy of prematurity.

Adult Jack is blind. His parents work hard to give him a normal life. It was hard for his father to accept that he was blind. Eventually, Toby accepted it and made a music studio for Kate and baby Jack.

Jack grew up with a love of music and in the future, he is a successful musician.



Lucy Damon

He is married to Lucy Damon, with whom he has a daughter.





He is a musician.

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