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Her is the eighteenth episode of the third season and the 54th overall episode of This Is Us.

Short Summary

Rebecca helps Kate and Toby care for baby Jack. Zoe and Kevin look after Tess and Annie. Randall and Beth consider how to move forward.

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During the Big Three's childhood, Rebecca crashes the car and is hospitalized. Randall is especially worried about her, and Jack ultimately brings the children back to the hospital before dawn. To Jack, Rebecca is the family's "engine."

In the present, Rebecca dominates Kate's conversations with healthcare professionals about baby Jack. Kate is frustrated, but ultimately admits that Rebecca was a great mom; Kate affirms she wants Jack to have Rebecca's "magic" in his life.

Kevin and Zoe babysit Tess and Annie. Kevin helps Tess understand that forming an identity is a lifelong process. Realizing that Kevin is meant to be a father, Zoe ends their relationship.

Randall and Beth agree they want to find a way forward. Deja admonishes Randall for endangering the good fortune he has had in life. Randall tells Beth he will resign, but she decides the family will relocate to Philadelphia; they will sell the house and economize so she can open her own dance studio.

In the future, the Pearson family—including a still-married Randall and Beth, adult Tess, Toby, young Jack (who is not shown onscreen), Kevin's preteen son, and Nicky—gathers at Kevin's home, where an elderly Rebecca is in failing health.


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  • This episode scored 8.22 million viewers.


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