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Deja Pearson is the biological daughter of Shauna Andrews. She was adopted by Randall and Beth Pearson. She is the sister of Tess and Annie Pearson.


Deja introduced as a girl moving in and out of the foster care system with a mother who was arrested for having an unlicensed gun in her possession. After experiencing abuse and neglect at the hands of her former foster families, she is hesitant to be welcomed into the hands of the Pearsons, especially Randall, who wants to establish a bond with her. She eventually gets adopted by the Pearsons after a rough wedding, when she lashes out because her mother left her and gave up her parental rights.

Deja was born to a young mother who was sixteen. In her early years, she was primarily raised by her great-grandmother until she was five-years-old before her grandmother suffered a fatal heart attack as they were returning home one day with groceries.

From then on, she was raised by her young mother, Shauna Andrews. The two lived in the hood and Deja grew up fast as she was used to doing taxes, cooking meals, laundry, etc. She first entered the foster care system after ending up in the emergency room with a cut she got opening a can while making her mother’s birthday dinner. Deja experienced abuse at the hands of foster parents, which would ultimately influence her later behavior when she entered the Pearson household.



Malik Hodges

Currently dating Malik Hodges.


Birth Mom: Shauna Andrews

Adopted by Randall and Beth Pearson.

Has two sisters Annie and Tess Pearson.




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