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Cassidy Sharp is a soldier who met Kevin and Nick at an AA meeting.


Cassidy's father was in the 101st Airborne Division in the army and flew a Cessna 150 that he called the Screaming Eagle. Cassidy met Ryan when she was fifteen after bumping into her in the hallway, with Ryan immediately deciding she was his favorite person.

Cassidy joined the marines to try and find what her father found in the military. After her first tour fixing helicopters, Ryan flew out to Roda, Spain to meet her. Cassidy saw a text on Ryan's phone from a friend asking if he'd proposed yet; both pretended they hadn't seen it, but Cassidy got a manicure, and Ryan spent four days teasing her before finally proposing on the same bridge where his grandparents met.

Cassidy continued to enlist, searching for what her father found, but continued to be unable to do so, which put a strain on her marriage. At some point, she had a son, Matty. Cassidy is first seen talking to her husband Ryan, telling him she got the Lightning McQueen toy that had been sent by her son, Matty.

She is disappointed she's unable to talk to Matty, who couldn't stay up due to the late hour and time difference. The conversation is cut short as Cassidy is called away, going with her unit to visit a woman in a village to gain a photograph of a bomb maker, in exchange for a Visa for the woman and her child. After agreeing to provide the village with water, Cassidy is given the photograph of the bomb maker. Despite the plan to bring the bomb maker in, he is killed alongside members of the village, which is practically destroyed.

The unit then returns to the village to give grievance money and the Visa for the informant and her child. Cassidy finishes her tour and returns to her home in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where she is reunited with her husband and son. Cassidy begins drinking after her return, even driving home after drinking, leading to a confrontation with her husband.

After getting a water bill that adds to the same amount as the grievance money paid for casualties at the village, Cassidy has a flashback that leads to her accidentally hitting her son when he grabbed her arm. Her husband then tells her to leave, and Cassidy goes to the VA to sign up for therapy sessions and joins AA. During an AA meeting, Cassidy is telling the group about the water bill when Nick Pearson throws a chair through the window.



Ryan Sharp

She was married to Ryan Sharp, with whom she has a son. Cassidy started drinking after returning home. Later, she and Ryan got divorced.

Kevin Pearson

Cassidy met Kevin and Nick in rehab. She and Kevin end up having a sexual relationship.


Matty Sharp

Matty is the son of Cassidy.




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