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A Philadelphia Story is the second episode of the third season and the 38th overall episode of This Is Us.

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The Pearsons gather to support Kevin at his movie premiere; the teenage Big Three make college decisions.

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After Jack's death, the Pearsons are living in temporary housing after losing their house to the fire, and Rebecca is having trouble finding a new place for them to live. Randall receives a packet from Howard University and learns that he's been accepted, and Kate congratulates him while getting a pop tart. Rebecca takes the kids to look at a house. Kevin shows up obviously drunk and Kate reveals that she never sent the recording tape to Berkley. Randall mentions both Kate's eating and Kevin's drinking to Rebecca.

Randall accuses Rebecc of not caring and reminds her that she promised they'd be okay after Jack's death. Later, Randall apologizes to Rebecca for his outburst. Rebecca explains how it's a struggle for her to get up in the morning and that she knows it isn't fair to them but she has no control over it. Randall calls Howard and declines admission to the college because of what his family is going through.

In the present, Deja is having a hard time at her new school. She misses the drill team at her old school and complains about how white her new school is. Kevin wants to invite Zoe to his movie premiere, but she's going to Chicago tomorrow. Zoe wants to keep their relationship casual. Beth has to go into work before the premiere. Randall thinks that taking Deja to meet Sky, one of his tenants' daughters, will make her feel more comfortable. Kate tells Toby that she doesn't want Rebecca to know that they're doing IVF. Randall goes to the rec center and realizes that the place needs to be fixed up. He decides to go to city hall and talk to the councilman.

Toby Googles symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal. Miguel discovers Kate's IVF medicine in the refrigerator, and Rebecca expresses her concern to Kate about IVF and how it could be dangerous because of her size. Randall goes to the barbershop to talk to Councilman Brown. The councilman assures him that he'll have a maintenance crew go out to the rec center today. Rebecca, Miguel, Kate, and Toby arrive at Kevin's.

Rebecca asks Kate why she'd want to take such a risk, and Kate says she believes that she's the only one who can carry on a piece of Jack. This upsets Kevin because he thinks he can, too. Toby yells at Rebecca for making Kate feel bad about IVF and leaves to go get some air. The maintenance crew never shows up at the rec center, so Randall starts to fix things himself. ChiChi tells Randall that he should've spent the time getting to know the community instead.

Zoe watches Kevin's red carpet interview on her phone. She texts Kevin and tells him to pick her up from the airport when she returns on Sunday. Kate is worried because Toby never came back and she needs to take her hormone shot. Rebecca explains to Kate why she's so worried and decides to help her administer the shot. Toby returns and Kate asks what's going on with him that he blew up. Toby brushes it aside and apologizes to Rebecca for what he said. Beth asks Randall how things went; he expresses his concern for where he fits in and tells her how he's always had trouble figuring out where he belonged. Kevin sits next to Randall and tells him what Kate said about how she is the only one who can pass on a piece of Dad. This upsets Randall because he already has children.


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