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A Hell of a Week: Part Two is the twelfth episode of the fourth season and the 66th overall episode of This Is Us.

Short Summary

Kevin deals with a love from his past.

Full Summary

Toddler Kevin misses a mobile Rebecca donated to Goodwill. Jack tells Kevin that, after losing something he loves, he can find something else to love.

As a teenager, Kevin is close with Sophie's loving, supportive, somewhat manic mother Claire. The night of the house fire, a projector malfunction prevents Kevin and Sophie from seeing the end of Good Will Hunting. Promising to leave it unwatched, they entertain each other with invented endings. After they marry, Kevin asks Claire for her mother's ring, but Claire tells him they have not yet earned it.

Rebecca cancels her birthday dinner to help Kate, who calls from the cabin after leaving with Marc.

In the present, Kevin attends Claire's funeral; she died of multiple sclerosis. Kevin supports Sophie, sharing the loss of a parent; something her current fiancé Grant is unable to do as he still has two living parents. Kevin reassures Sophie that memories of Claire will eventually feel normal. They finally watch how Good Will Hunting ends.

Back in L.A., Kevin finds that Kate and her family are out, and a recently dumped Madison is house-sitting to walk Audio. Kevin praises Madison for fighting for relationships. They wind up sleeingp together. When Randall calls, Kevin suggests they and Kate visit the cabin. Kate reports that her marriage is "imploding."


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  • This episode scored 6.42 million viewers.
  • This episode is Kevin-centric.


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