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A Hell of a Week: Part One is the eleventh episode of the fourth season and the 65th overall episode of This Is Us.

Short Summary

Randall grapples with anxiety.

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As toddlers, the Big Three sleep in beds for the first time and Randall is scared of monsters; Jack sleeps beside him and asks him to be his typical stable self. Randall goes to sleep, only for Kevin to get up and complain to Jack that he can't sleep.

In college, Randall has high-stress nightmares that frighten him. Beth comforts him and suggests he attend a grief group; Randall agrees to go before Rebecca's birthday dinner, but cancels when Kevin informs him of an emergency involving Kate.

In the present, Randall offers the intruder money; he takes it and flees. Randall and Beth later realize the man had already been in their bedroom while Beth slept. The nightmares return and Randall obsesses over his new home security system, but he still manages to defend his support for Wilkins' housing bill at a town hall. Darnell suggests Randall see a therapist, but he declines.

Randall saves a woman from a man assaulting her and is hailed as a hero, but he has a breakdown, calling Kevin in tears to admit he needs help. Kevin, with a woman in bed next to him after attending Sophie's mother's funeral, promises to support Randall.


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  • This episode scored 6.59 million viewers.
  • This episode is Randall-centric.


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